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EFFORTS Process Modelling Platform

The Process Modelling Platform is a web-based tool for any interested person or entity that has expertise on each specific process defined in the EFFORTS process domain. Some domains relating to the EFFORTS project are selected and demonstrated for modelling purposes in a simple diagram. The main objective of this platform is to be a brainstorming panel to describe processes in port operation. The visitor can review and comment the demonstrated processes. Their results will be used as a basis for standard processes in port operation. They will be fundamental for further improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of port processes in the future.

How to participate in this platform?

You can choose whether you would like to be an anonymous or registered user. Both types of users are able to view and comment. Each different user type differentiates the involvement level of the users for the modelled processes. For registered users, some personal information will be stored in the EFFORTS database. In case that the modelling team has questions on comments or additional information submitted by the user. The team can contact the user directly. A registered user will get also a regular update e-mail for the progress in EFFORTS for his/her support.

If you would like to be a part to improve processes in port operation and subscribe as a registered user, please click here and fill out a registration form.

Be a part of EFFORTS for effective operations in ports! Thank you.


If you are interested in taking a closer look on the EFFORTS Port Process Model or if you would like to be a part to improve processes in port operation, please kindly send a short message with your name, last name, organisation as well as e-mail address to efforts.project
You will receive a personal account for accessing to the platform.