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Navigation in Ports
Peene Ore undocking at Blohm und Voss 3 work packages dealing with safe and efficient approach and berthing of vessels usually increasing size faster than port infrastructure can follow Ports and Environment
Grimaldi ship on the river Elbe 4 work packages covering the most relevant environmental areas related to port operation Port Organisation
Port of Gijon 2 work packages providing an architecture and process description all operations can be allocated to, software tools for operational support and risk assessment and management Education, Training and Development
Education This work package deals with the development of vocational training for port related jobs. The goal is to increase the inter-change of staff by improving the level of business knowledge and to ultimately develop a “Skills and Competency Ports Passport”

EFFORTS Demonstrator WP 3.1
The issue of port processes and interoperability solutions is one of the main research areas, conducted in the work package 3.1, of this project. The work package 3.1 ultimately aims to provide the methodology and necessary tools to create interoperability solutions between stakeholders in port. This is achieved by the capturing, visualising and analysing the port-related processes.

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